Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best wheel of fortune slots

What is a wheel of fortune?

The wheel of fortune slots have taken the online gambling world by storm. The familiar theme coupled with steady gameplay earned them rave reviews from frequent gamblers and casino experts alike. So what makes them so different from the regular fruit machine found in the casinos?
• Launched in 1996, the Wheel of Fortune caused a revolution in the young world of online gambling since it was the first of the kind.
• The constantly improving design always looks crisp and modern.
• It pays regularly and has already brought numerous prizes to the lucky gamblers.
• The “fortune wheel” concept is translated well not just into the design, but into the gameplay as well, with little wheel spinning when a combo is formed and multiplying the wins.

All in all, a unique concept as well as the solid historical background has earned the wheel of fortune slots a legendary reputation among the casino-goers. Even if you aren’t an avid gambler, chances are that you’ve heard about them. Over the years, it has gathered an impressive tally of awards, including Best Progressive Slot and Best Reel Slot in 2011, and some of the Casino Player magazine awards as well. We love Wheel of Fortune as much as any gamblers, so we have collected everything dedicated to it on the pages of our website. All of the versions, as well as the similar and the “inspired-by” slot machines are available for your enjoyment free of charge.

Where does it come from?

The game is based on the Wheel of Fortune, a classic American TV game show from the seventies. It’s still airing on the network these days and even managed to keep the same hosts over the years! The game rules are simple – the players spin a huge wheel while trying to guess the word hidden in a puzzle and win some prizes in the process. The iconic wheel as well as the classic theme tune, sound effects (including the audience cheers) and some recognizable features have made it into the slot machine version, and that’s partly what has guaranteed its success. It hits two birds with one stone, combining the unique atmosphere of the game show with the adrenaline rush of casino gambling.

Want some more?

So you love to play wheel of fortune slots, but what if you want to expand your horizons a bit and try something similar? Well, first of all, your choice isn’t limited to the classic version of the Wheel Of Fortune – more than 10 different iterations exist nowadays, like the most recent Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, which even boasts a progressive jackpot! It also has an innovative multiplay option, where you can play several separate games simultaneously, on the same screen! If you love free slots and wheel of fortune, you’ll probably enjoy some classic offerings like Cleopatra or Wolf Run, or perhaps even the famous Siberian Storm, which served as the inspiration for the original IGT version’s gameplay. Whether it’s your first time getting to know the living legend that is the Wheel Of Fortune slot or you’re a true fan wanting to find out more about this amazing game, we’re sure that you’ll find what you need here. Have fun and good luck with that jackpot!